Cooking Class with Celebrity Chef Adriana Alachki

I enjoyed participating in a cooking class by celebrity chef Adriana Alachki and her son Blagoja.  We spent the afternoon learning how to make Pinjur, Pie with Leeks, Maleshevska Tava and a few other tasty dishes.


Pinjur is a roasted pepper and eggplant spread, served with white cheese (which is like Feta).

Peeling the Roasted Peppers

The peppers were roasted ahead of time, and we had to peel the skin and remove the seeds.  There was some discussion on whether leaving a few sees in would make the dish bitter.

Leek Pie

We made a Leek ‘Pie’.

Making the Leek Pie

We brushed sheets of phyllo dough with a flour, yeast, and sparkling water mixture.  We then topped the phyllo dough with some white (feta) cheese with egg, and sprinkled with the chopped leeks.  We rolled up the dough and created rings in a round pan to create the ‘pie’.

Our Leek Pie!

Our pie turned out great.  So fresh and delicious!

Maleshevska Tava Ingredients

Maleshevska tava, made with several kinds of fresh meat, a couple of types of mushrooms, vegetables, spices, .. all mixed together provide a very special flavor.

Making the Maleshevska Tava

The pork, ‘bacon’, vegetables were all sauteed with a TON of butter and sunflower oil – and some white wine.  The pork was transferred to a baking dish.  Meatballs were sauteed and then added to the pork dish.  Everything was topped with shredded cheese and popped into the oven.

Shredding the ‘sun-kissed’ white cheese
Our finished product – Maleshevska Tava

Ours cooked for about an hour, but we were told that at home, you would cook it slowly for 2-3 hours.

Lunch Time!

We had a great time learning about local cuisine and culture.  Everything was delicious, and Ramesh enjoyed the leftovers!


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