Myrtle Beach

On Sunday, we drove to Myrtle Beach.  This was MY therapy.  I wanted to hear the ocean waves and smell the salt air.  My two requests were to walk on the beach each morning and each evening.

We stayed at the Dunes Resort Hotel.  It was great for a family of 5, on a budget.  It was NOT Disney…but we did not pay Disney prices.  We actually got an awesome last minute deal for an oceanfront suite.  The hotel has a water slide, lazy river, activities for the kids.  We could stay here and have plenty of fun…without feeling obligated to go out and spend a fortune on Wonderworks, etc.  (Being on vacation for more than a month, you have to cut as many corners as you can!)  The hotel was a bit dated.  The towels a bit shabby.  But perfectly acceptable for a family trip.  We had a fully equipped kitchen, and an in-unit washer and dryer.

My original plan was that everyone would meet here for a family photo session.  That did not quite work out as planned.  Aunt Darlene, Uncle Wilson, Uma, Balaji, Vishanth, and Anjana joined us at the beach.  It was a bit tricky juggling everyone’s wants/needs – but we managed.

We met Aunt Darlene for a morning walk on the beach.  We walked around Broadway at the Beach, the boys took a speed boat ride and we had dinner at the Key West Restaurant a Boardwalk on the Beach.

I was a bit surprised to get hit with a bunch of rules as we entered the restaurant.  No this, no that.  It was happy hour, but we could not get the discount if we sat at a table for dinner.   We could take a seat at the bar after our meal, to get the discount, but they wanted us to tip the server of our meal for the full price of the drinks…even though the server would not serve the drinks. They wanted me to park the stroller in the corner, with Jackson sleeping inside.  The restaurant was nice.  The food was good.  But the welcome was lacking.  After dinner, we inquired about the Escape Room.  We would have to book in advance, for another day.  It did not work out for us that day…so we stopped for a snow cone, instead.  Be sure to have cash!

The next morning, the ladies went for pedicures, while the men went for a banana boat ride.  Uma and I joined the guys and we went on the Sky Wheel.  That evening, we went to the Pirates Voyage Dinner Show.  What fun!  They have a AAA discount to help with the ticket cost.  The included meal was PLENTY…no need to snack beforehand at the pre-dinner show.  Jackson sat in Ramesh’s lap the entire time…and he was free.

We made another stop at the local outlet mall on our way out of Myrtle Beach!


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