Hilton Head, Savannah, and Tybee Island

Visiting the beach was a requirement for me on this vacation.  I just love the sound of the waves, and the fresh salt air.  We spent a few days at Myrtle Beach, but Ramesh’s grade-school friend, Balaji, told us that we would also enjoy Hilton Head.  We’ve never been…so we said what the heck?!  While we were in the neighborhood, we popped on over to Georgia to check out Savannah and Tybee Island.

Jackson – enjoying the marsh

Jackson and Anjana

Ramesh and his grade-school friend, Balaji – with Jackson and Anjana.

The Hilton Head Island gang – what a fun trip!

Uma was our Master Chef…she cooked for everyone all weekend!  I don’t think I ate this well while I was in India.  Everything she made was AMAZING!  We had fish curry, BBQ chicken, paneer tikka, spicy vegetable shish-ka-bobs, chicken biriyani, shrimp curry – the list goes on.

Uma had a few helpers in the kitchen, but the magic was all hers.

She uses the pressure cooker that I have always been warned against, and she thinks nothing of it!  She brought all of her own pots, pans, knives, spices…she is a one-woman cooking machine!

Ramesh at the grill again.  This time the chicken was fabulous (and spicy!)  (not quite the same as what we had at Table Rock)

We all got a few mosquito bites, and Gugan was convinced that he had Dengue.

Everyone went to bed with spicy tongues and full tummies.

I honestly tried to get a nice family photo.  Notice that everyone is color coordinated?

Nalan was in the car with Uma and Balaji – and we had to wait for him to arrive.  Jackson was done ‘saying cheese!’  He wanted to get in the water fountain…so changed into his swimsuit as soon as Nalan arrived.  I think we got one photo of everyone together – in their coordinating outfits.

Gugan and Nalan playing along with the photo shoot.

Jackson was done.  Did not care one bit that this was my moment.

This is just was I was wanting…without Jackson in his swimsuit, and without my hair blowing in my face.  And maybe not having Gugan’s head cut off.  …so close!

But isn’t he adorable??!!

I LOVED Hilton Head!  One of my new favorite beaches.  It was very posh…with a mesh ‘sidewalk’ down to the beach!  The drinks were crazy expensive – $12 for a crappy margarita!!  The mature trees created lots of shade.  It was just beautiful…and expensive.

The next day, we put the kids in matching t-shirts and ventured to Georgia and visited St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Savannah.  (Ramesh liked the shirts so much, he borrowed one for this shot!  It was a bit tight, or he would have kept it for himself!)

Three of the cutest little kids in Savannah!

Jackson and Anjana

We saw this giant turtle in the park.  What a fun surprise!!

The little girl belongs to the family staying with us at the beach house.  Jackson kept calling her ‘my new friend’…as though that was her name!

Group Photo – Uma and Balaji’s friends joined us for part of the trip.

We had lunch in Savannah.  I was hoping to have lunch at Paula Deen’s restaurant – but there was an hour and 20 minute wait!  Yikes!  We grabbed a salad at Panera instead and after poking around a bit, we headed to Tybee Island for a few hours in the late afternoon sun.

Parking was a MESS!  We probably drove around for an hour looking for a spot.  We did end up getting a prime spot…but would go early next time to avoid the hassle.

Jackson could not wait to dig a hole and bury Nalan in the sand.  Nalan was a willing participant!

Ramesh is not a beach person.  He prefers a swimming pool.  We were just at the beach the day before.  His plan was to rent an umbrella and chairs, and sip cold drinks while we watched the kids play.

Unfortunately, we arrived late in the day and the beach umbrella renters were closing up shop.  Thinking quickly on his feet, he ran to the nearest sundry shop and purchased a beach umbrella, chair, and quilt.  He also picked up two kites.  Not the best use of our money, but it kept us out of the hot sun that afternoon, and we will be better prepared for our next trip to the beach.  I thought he was a hero. His friends teased him for taking such good care of me!  Luckily, Uma and Balaji brought the cooler with cold drinks for everyone!

Ramesh has a lot of kite flying experience, so he enjoyed showing off for everyone on the beach.  The kids got in on the action too!

Last group photo as our Hilton Head beach trip came to an end.

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