Last Week of Vacation

Ramesh had to go back to work, so I was on my own with 3 boys.

We went to the Biltmore House in Asheville.   The tickets say no photography, but they do allow it without flash.  The boys got the children’s guide on a little radio.  Jackson wanted Gugan’s radio, and would not share.  I went back to get another one for Jackson.  He listened to it for another 10 minutes, and was done.

His stroller was left in another car, and they do not have strollers for rent.  No nap for Jackson.  He and I were quite miserable this day, but the older boys enjoyed the tour.

We stopped for ice cream (there was a military discount on Memorial Day) and then we poked around in the little shops and sampled a few goodies.

We rushed back to our home base to meet Josh and friends for dinner.  Uma, Balaji, and kids joined us as well.  It was pouring down rain…so we were a bit wet!

We made a quick road trip to Charleston to see Jerry.  We had a nice lunch, shared a margarita, and squeezed in a few hugs.  Unfortunately, Steph, Jacob, and Michelle were unable to join us this time.

Dinner: Higher Ground with Grandma and Grandpa and Josh

The next night we went to Uma’s house for paneer.  It was sooooo good!  She knows I have a sweet tooth and made Kasari for dessert…special for me!  🙂

The boys were flying out of Atlanta.  I wanted to take them to the aquarium before they left.  We talked about going early the day of their flight, but decided it was too tight.  Then I had the brilliant idea of driving down a day early to squeeze in the aquarium – we needed something to do – so why not?!  Vishanth came with us…me plus 4 boys!!!  We were just minutes from the aquarium…and the brakes on the car went out!!  Thankfully, we were just fine.  I pulled over and called the tow truck.  I then had to figure out transportation to our hotel…the aquarium was no longer a priority.  After consulting with my mom and dad, I figured out the Uber app and booked my first Uber taxi.  It was easy and wonderful.  The boys went swimming in the hotel pool, and we ordered pizza and wings.

We tried to get to the aquarium again the next morning, but I could not locate a taxi that would transport the 5 of us.  The boys went swimming again, and then we made our way to the airport.  (with Uma and Balaji delivering Biriyani to the airport for one last Indian meal…before returning to India!)

It was sad to say goodbye.  We packed in as much adventure as possible for their first visit to the U.S.  They have lots of good memories to take with them.

After seeing the boys off, we stopped by the Hindu Temple in Atlanta and went to Hard Rock Cafe.  We wanted to go to the Stone Mountain laser show after dinner, but it did not work out for us.

The next morning, we made our way to Chattanooga to have lunch with cousin Kelly and her husband Shawn.  It was a lovely lunch, and she gave Jackson a series of four paintings that she painted for him.  He was thrilled!

Making our way back to South Carolina, we found the Hard Rock Cafe in Pigeon Forge…just when we were talking about stopping for ice cream – BINGO!  We poked around the outlet shops and finally made our way home.

We did the laundry, packed up, and got ready for our return.  Last dinner was at the Cheesecake Factory…delish!!

Another dinner with Josh and his friends.

Mom making french toast for breakfast…so yummy!!

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