Pirate Pets

My cousin painted these adorable pirate pets for Jackson.  They are renditions of her own pets – Sebastian, Lucy Belle, Henry, and Dexter.

I had each framed and hung them in Jackson’s bedroom.  (for now, I just hung them where existing photos were…so as not to put new nail holes in the walls)

Lucy Belle

I’m so proud of my cousin.  She’s just discovering her talents with the paintbrush, and her pieces are works of art!  We love her and love having her paintings in our home!

Overnight, Jackson’s bedroom went from “Sheep Style Nursery” to Big Boy Pirate Room!

I just happened upon these Pottery Barn Kids Salty Dog bedsheets while poking around the mall in Greenville, South Carolina!  They were a perfect match to the new art in his room – but would certainly not fit in the suitcase!  I stalked their website until they went on sale.  And then ordered two sets!

Pottery Barn Kids Salty Dog bedsheets – the perfect match!


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