Disneyland Paris with a Toddler – Trip Report Part 4 – Day 2 at the Park

The alarm went off at 7:00am, but somehow we still missed the ‘Early Morning Hours’!

We stood in line for two hours yesterday to meet Mickey, and this morning he was in our hotel…with a 15 minute wait!  Grrrr.

The hot breakfast at the Sequoia Lodge was lovely.  They had pancakes, breakfast sausages, bacon, yogurt, fruit, nuts, eggs, breads, deli meats and cheeses.  This was included as part of our Golden Forest package.

We went back to the main park and made our way to Frontierland.  We saw the Jack Skellington meet and greet and did the Haunted Mansion.  We did a bit of shopping,

and poking around,

while waiting for Goofy’s Skeletoon Street Party.

The street party was full of energy and walking toward the train station allowed us to see them pass again.  This time, Goofy came over and gave Jackson a high-five!

We put the stroller on the train, and did the loop around the park.

We went back to Adventureland for the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop.  I picked out a pirate Mickey plush and matching T-shirt, along with a cute little pirate gift set…all to match Jackson’s new pirate bedroom!

We then walked over to the Studios park.  Jackson was sound asleep in his stroller…which he did NOT want to bring, but eventually accepted it as his ‘wheel-chair’.  Much cooler than a baby stroller!

I was exhausted.  My plan was to go back to the hotel for a rest, and then take advantage of the afternoon tea.  Ramesh was not ready for a rest, so we soldiered on.  We tried to pop into Chez Remy for a late lunch without reservations.  They were fully booked all week…not a chance!  It was not yet 4:00pm, so we could not use our hotel fastpass.

We ended up walking over to the Disney Village to the Rain Forest Cafe.  We ordered the chicken fajitas, Rasta Pasta, chicken nuggets, and a Rain Forest Cafe cappuccino.  We had planned to return to the hotel for tea, so we did not order dessert.  The restaurant has mixed reviews.  I found it similar to the one I visited in Arizona.  The food was fine…like TGIFridays.  The service was slow.  I was fine to rest my feet awhile, but it was time away from the parks.  Jackson slept through the whole thing, Ramesh was not impressed.

After lunch, we went back to the Studios to see the Mickey and the Magician show.  It was now about 4:00, and Ramesh did not want to wait the 40 minutes until the show started.  We decided to use our hotel fastpass on the Ratatouille ride.  We finished up just at 4:40pm, and missed Mickey and the Magician.  Ratatouille was awesome-worth the wait..even in the fastpass line!

We did some shopping in the gift shop and Jackson ate his chicken nuggets.

We rode a few more rides before they closed at 6:00pm.

We headed to the main park to see the dragon under the castle.  We stopped for Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and by the time we made it to the castle, it was roped off for the light show!  We missed seeing the dragon – drats!  We headed over to Frontierland and stood in a very long line to ride Buzz Lightyear.

We were enclosed in a narrow hallway for 30 minutes…I was tempted to escape!  The ride was similar to what I remember from DisneyWorld, but it kept ‘restarting’…about 10 times while we were on it.

It was about 7:40pm.  I was plum tuckered out.  Ramesh was not interested in seeing the light show again, so we headed back to our hotel.

Another stop in the hotel lounge for more French wine, cheese, bread, grapes and a top up for Jackson.  (Ramesh indulged me in a foot massage while I was sipping my wine…now THAT was a treat!)

Another round in the gift shop, and then off to bed.




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