Disneyland Paris with a Toddler – Trip Report Part 6 – Making our Way Home

I had to get up at 5:00 a.m. to get ready and packed for a 7:00 a.m. departure on the Magic Shuttle.  We barely made it!  It was 7:00 a.m. and  Ramesh was suggesting that we stop at reception to ask about a boxed breakfast!  The shuttle driver was ticked off that we arrived AFTER he had closed up the luggage hold.  On the way to the airport, Jackson noticed the electricity towers along the road.  He pointed out all of the ‘different’ Eiffel Towers!  He did not like them as much as the one he saw yesterday!

The shuttle dropped us off at a random spot at the airport, and not terminal 2D – where we needed to be!  Thankfully, there was a stray trolley that I was able to use to move our luggage.  We walked through the airport for about 45 minutes before reaching our terminal to check-in for our flight.  I think I would splurge on the private transfer next time.

Check-in and Security were both uneventful.  We bumped into a Laduree kiosk immediately after security and I stocked up on macarons!  (which is what Jackson had for breakfast!)

I stopped for some French perfume before I realized that we still had to go through CUSTOMS!  No time for any other French souvenir shopping, and we made it home without incident.

Meanwhile, Ramesh could not say the same…

Because of his last minute decision to join us, I had to book him on a different flight.  He did not depart Paris until 9:00pm.  He used up the last of the hotel fastpasses, and then ran around Paris trying to find a place to store his luggage, before heading to BVA airport.

He never did find a place to store his bags, and he carted them around with him through Paris – but he did make it to the Hard Rock cafe,  and bought some french perfume for me!  (score!)

He caught the bus to BVA with barely enough time to catch his flight.  After checking his bags and waiting in the security line, he was approached by a police officer.  Apparently, there was someone IN the LUGGAGE HOLD of his bus…and they went through everyone’s bags!  The police officer escorted Ramesh to their back office and Ramesh found his laptop and bag of American coins!  He was SHOCKED!!

They held the plane for him, and he finally made it home after midnight! Always an adventure!

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