Diwali 2017

Diwali 2017 was a bit better than Diwali 2016.  Ramesh was not sick, and as a bonus – he was home with us.

As usual, I looked online for the date, and I was a day late according to the Tamil calendar.  I had planned to celebrate on October 19, but all of Ramesh’s friends and family were sending greetings on the 18th!  Luckily, he had made the Gulab Jamun early – so we sprung into action!

I cut a few roses from our yard and lit a bunch of candles,

Ramesh whipped up some lovely salmon, spinach, and rice – Indian style!  (Instead of the Biriyani we had planned to make for Diwali)

and we lit a few sparklers.

Jackson fell in love with Aunt Darlene’s guitar this summer, so he got one of his own for Diwali – and it arrived through the mail ON TIME.  Ramesh tightened the strings, and it actually sounds ‘sorta-kinda’ nice.

We were not with friends and family in India, but we sure tried to make the best of it!

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