Halloween 2017

Jackson remembered this year that he wanted to be a spider, so I found this adorable costume on Amazon and ordered early!

I also ordered tons of candy for the office party…but did not think to order candy for his school party.  I bagged up some Teddy Grahams in Halloween treat bags and off he went.

The school party was better than I imagined.  Jackson had lots of fun at the ‘candy hunt’…similar to the Easter egg hunt this spring.  They had pinatas, and other games for the kids to play.  Food was available and everyone was dressed up.  The weather was lovely.  It was like an outdoor fall carnival – what a great event!

The next day was the office party.  Jackson dressed up again and this time, he went trick or treating between the offices…with all of the other children.

After trick or treating, it was time for the pizza party!

You might not recognize a few of his treats…Kinder Minions?  Marshmallow eggs, Kiki, Chocolate Bananas?  Jackson got a few chocolate hearts.  Other children received blue candy canes.  Hmmm…perhaps leftovers from holidays past?

I ordered a chocolate mix (the M&Ms, Snickers) and Gummi Bears.  The Gummi Bears were his favorite!  He gobbled those up first and then started to fill his new Mickey Mouse M&M dispenser with the M&Ms.

We were quite fortunate to get our hands on an actual ORANGE PUMPKIN…and not a butternut squash, or other gourd.  Jackson was pretty excited to make a Jack-O-Lantern.

Until he realized that the seeds did not easily come out with his little scoop.  He was not at all interested in sticking his little hands into the pumpkin to pull the ‘guts’ out.  Too messy!

He did help pull the eyes, nose, and mouth pieces out – once they were carved.

What a cutie!

We roasted the pumpkin seeds.  I soaked the pumpkin seeds in salted water overnight, and roasted them with some vegetable oil and salt.  He tried one…and that was enough.

It was time for the big night.  We were Halloween’d out!  But we did light the candle in the Jack-O-Lantern.  and gave away the rest of his candy to the three little trick or treaters that actually stopped by.

Happy Halloween!

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