Christmas 2017

Christmas is a slow and steady affair this year.

I started this summer trying to make German glass glitter letter ornaments.  They did not work out as expected, so I set them aside for a few months…and the glitter tarnished.

I ended up using Martha Stewart gold glitter, and was much happier.  I created the words: Peace, Love, and Joy.  I then did initials for a few of my colleagues, and Jackson’s teachers.

I whipped up some lavender linen spray.  I combined vodka, water, and lavender oil.  What a luxury to spray your linens before bed!

And since I had plenty of lavender oil, I decided to make some lavender bath salts too.

I packaged everything up and passed them out at work.

Jackson and I whipped up a few batches of cookies – gingerbread men, Mickey Mouse sugar cookies, and chocolate chip.  We shared them at the children’s Christmas party, the community cookie exchange, I and packaged some up for a few colleagues as well.

I made an attempt at making pecan pralines.  Two attempts, actually.  I was not happy with either…and don’t think I will try to make them again.

Jackson had his first “Winter Program”…a Save the Rain forest production.  He was fantastic…the best ‘jaguar’ of all!

We had our traditional Christmas on December 25 – Santa stopped by and paid Jackson a visit,

and we had dinner with friends.  I shared a few goodies with my American friends/colleagues.  Amazon gift cards were emailed to the big kids.

The local folks exchange gifts for the New Year, so I shared a few more goodies with my local colleagues, and Jackson and I shared a celebratory dinner with friends.

Now that Orthodox Christmas is coming up, I’ve ordered the last of my gifts and I am hosting an Orthodox Christmas Eve/New Year Breakfast.

Slow and steady for the win!



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